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Hi there!  I'm Lara and my mission is to help women in tech achieve professional growth and satisfaction in a balanced and sustainable way.

I began my 16-year journey in the tech world in 1996, when I embarked on my 6-year university studies to become a Civil Electronics Engineer.  Once completed, I worked in the airline and mobile tech business for over a decade.  


My time in the mobile tech world was exciting, motivating, and ultra fast-paced.

I loved every minute of my work except when it became evident that I was slowly losing control of everything else that was important in my life: my wellbeing, my relationships, and my mental sanity.


A colleague of mine at the time summed it up perfectly: "I think I am addicted to feeling that I am on the verge of losing it".   Yes, I too was putting 180% of my effort into my work, getting great returns in terms of professional growth and recognition, but I knew that all of it was ultimately at a dreadful cost for myself.


Searching for something to support me through this process, in 2010 I became certified as an Empowerment Workshop Trainer and Life Coach and dived into holding workshops during my free time.  A year later, after many months of negotiating with my manager for a more reasonable workload and the reassignment to an office where I could be closer to my family, I finally made the decision to quit my job.


It was a truly scary moment for me, but looking back was the best decision I could have made.


Since then, I have continuously held a variety of empowering workshops for women in Chile, Brasil and the Netherlands, along with individual, in person and virtual, coaching programs.  I’m very happy and proud to have been contributing this way to the wellbeing of many wonderful and inspiring women and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.


Today, after coming to terms with my experience in the corporate tech world and hearing many stories of women that are living similar experiences as mine, I have come to realize the value of my entire past experience as a whole, I have shifted my business to exclusively support Women in Tech who are struggling to maintain their wellbeing while continuing to achieve their professional fulfillment.


My deepest desire is to help you to continue achieving great success in the wonderful and challenging tech world while feeling calm, capable, confident and complete.


Additionally to all this, I am also the mother of a whirlwind 5-year-old girl and wife of a truly amazing, inspiring and supportive human being.  I am an avid reader, a fan of organizing my thoughts through journaling,  get a bit obsessed with movies and series that have great storylines, enjoy taking a time-out to grab a coffee with my girlfriends, and sometimes even manage to make a moment for soap-making or piano playing.  My family, friends, and the people I support professionally bring me joy and ever so gently push me to become (just a bit) better every single day. :)


My hope is that, here, you may find something that may contribute to your own personal or professional growth journey (a blog post or a video perhaps?).  And, if you feel that there is any other way that I could help you, please feel welcomed to reach out to me.


Wishing you the best!



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