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To be truly fulfilled in your life you must do work that you love, work that enlivens you and brings forth your passion. To settle for anything less is to deny yourself one of life's great treasures. 
With a clear vision, inspiration and proper understanding of how to go about it, you can create the perfect job for yourself. 

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In this 20 hour program you will learn how to achieve your highest desires. It is based on the premise that we can live the life we truly want by simply restructuring our ideas about ourselves and the world. Through the 4-step Empowerment Methodology you will learn to value what is uniquely important to you, understand the obstacles you are currently facing to achieve these dreams, and recognise the steps you must take to overcome these difficulties so you may ultimately achieve your most important goals.


One of the fundamental aspects of happiness is related to the way we deal with our emotions from moment to moment. If we fall into a cycle of discouragement and hopelessness, we truly aren’t able to appreciate the wonderful and joyous things that life had to offer us, and we close our selves off to our own, personal fulfilment.

Luckily, each of us has the power to choose and initiate moments of contentment, optimism and peace of mind. 


Our bodies are amazing creations and are our most precious gift.  Thanks to our body we can enjoy everything that surrounds us and we can express our true selves.  To empower ourselves we must understand what our body needs from us and what we truly wish to create with it.  Come to this hour and a half workshop and learn the potential you have to create a body that you cherish, are proud of, and love.


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