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The SCALE YOURSELF WHILE STAYING SANE Coaching Program is a 6 session transformational process which provides you with the foundation and tools to continue building a highly successful professional life while ensuring balance, focus on your values and desires, and overall fulfillment.


This program is based on the premise that our mental and physical habits create the conditions of our life and that we have the ability to modify the routines that are negatively shaping our experience.  For this to happen we must first become aware of our habitual missteps, create a clear and compelling vision of what we desire for our life, and finally work with the precise tools to realize definite change to our unfavourable patterns.


In this program, you will become clear on the areas which you must cultivate so you may bring balance into your daily life and discover how to draw power from them to support you in your continuous growth.  You will learn to identify your keystone habits, evaluate if they are assisting or hindering your growth,  and alter those that require adjustment so you may guarantee prosperous outcomes in both your professional and personal life.


As a result, you will have the ability to consciously create your future path and have the freedom to step into your most balanced, confident, and powerful self.



This program consists of six, weekly, 80-minute sessions.  Registration is ongoing and each new session kicks-off with a minimum 6 participants (maximum 12).


Video conference (via Zoom or Skype).

Additional to each session you will receive:

  • A recording of every session.

  • Copy of all reading material and exercises completed during our sessions.

  • Lifetime access to all guided meditations and other video/audio resources employed during the program.


€720 plus BTW (or two payments of €380 plus BTW).

Introductory Call:

Would you like to know if this program is a good fit for you?  Let's have a call and find out.


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