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Oh no, it's the Christmas Crazies!

First of all, I have to say, I love Christmas! I truly do! I enjoy putting up the Christmas tree, and opening the little windows on our advent calendar; I love singing Christmas carols and appreciate the decorations; I wholeheartedly enjoy a little glass of gluhwein (dutch mulled wine) at the local Christmas market. Certainly Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

Except when it isn't. When I find myself worrying about the gifts I still haven't bought, the cards I haven't sent (all of them actually), the dinner I have to prepare, and all those little details that "make Christmas perfect". And, instead of enjoying all the beautiful things of of the festivities, I only see a very long, Christmasy to-do list.

This is what I call the Christmas Crazies and unfortunately, just like the flu, I get it every year. But Christmas isn't about getting things perfect or having everything done. It's about spending time with our loved ones and being grateful for all we have in our life.

So what to do when the Christmas Crazies get to us?

Watch here to learn a little about this year's odyssey and my suggestions on how to overcome the Christmas Crazies:

And you, what do you do to avoid the stress of Christmas? Does gratitude and letting go of perfection help you bring in a little calm into your end of the year?

Please feel free to share!

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