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Avoiding Unnecessary Pain by Flowing with Change

Changes happen all the time. Sometimes we cause them (we make mistakes and have to solve them), sometimes these changes are caused by others, and sometimes we are just affected by chance occurrences.

When a change comes along we have two options: to ride the wave of change or to resist and fight it. If we flow with change we might have fun. If we resist it we most certainly won't; on the contrary, we probably will be heading for a hard time.

How can we flow better with change? By working on becoming aware of what is happening to us emotionally and then choosing happiness and calmness, over suffering, longing and hopelessness. Watch here for a few ideas on how resisting change effects us and what we can do to avoid emotional hardship:

(Just as a side note, I made a mistake in this video and meant to say that I put my daughter on her bicycle, not my bicycle - because on that rainy day I had forgotten mine back at school, which is what the story is all about :) ).

And how about you? Do you easily flow with change or do you find it challenging? Have you had any experiences lately where you feel that flowing with change would have made that moment easier? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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