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How about the other gifts we can give?

Today is the second day of Christmas in the Netherlands. It is a holiday and is celebrated very much like Christmas day. Which is wonderful because we have an extra day to rest after a lovely Christmas Eve and Day with our friends and loved ones. And this got me to thinking: after a day of gift giving, what do we have left to give? Well, actually, a whole lot!

Some simple ideas that come to mind:

- The gift of paying attention (getting away from our phones for a bit to be able to do so).

- The gift of play, smiles and fun.

- The gift of compassion.

- The gift of slowing down and focusing on just enjoying the life we have and the people we love.

- The gift of being yourself.

What intangible gifts come to your mind that you feel you can give today? Feel free to share in the comments, I would love to give you the gift of encouragement :)

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