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Stop the guilt! (You are doing great!)

Lately, I have been hearing a lot: "I feel guilty because of this", "I wish I had done better", or "I'm sorry, I tried my best but I failed".

I know you are trying to do you best, lovely lady! And also, we all know that failing is part of life, right? So why all this guilt? :)

It's natural to feel sorry when we have failed and it's always nice to give an apology, but after all of this, what can we do to come to terms with what has happened and continue to grow and learn for next time?

The trick I have learned is to ask myself two questions:

- What did I do well?

- What have I learned (so next time can be better)?

Here are bit more of my thoughts on this:

Have you had a situation lately where using these questions may have helped you resolved your feelings and made things better for you in terms of your guilt? Please feel welcomed to share in the comments!

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