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Thank you 2018!

Yes! Let's celebrate!

Let's celebrate all the great things that we created for ourselves this year; let's celebrate all those wonderful people that have helped us along the way; let's celebrate all the new and exiting possibilities we opened for ourselves!

And also, let's celebrate all those very hard things we suffered and overcame that have made us stronger and better people today.

I was listening to this son in the car yesterday: Thank you by Lena and this part stuck out for me:

Thank you for knockin' me down

Cause these scars have just made me stronger

And your words, they don't matter now

So thank you, thank you for knockin' me down

Here are a few more thoughts on what we can celebrate today:

What amazing things and not so amazing things of your year will you be celebrating today? Hurray for all of them! 👏😊

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