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Yay for systems!

Lately quite a few people have asked me how I manage to create a post every (work) day. My answer: I have a system. It's super simple, every Friday I record all my videos in one fell swoop, which takes me about an hour. In other words, these daily posts look like more effort than they actually are.

Having habits and systems that support our work and growth is like having a super power. After using them for a while they become second nature, and we don't have to rely on willpower or our precious energy to do things, we just have to throw ourselves into our beloved, and well know, system and receive it's reward. YAY for systems!!

And, since I have finally understood this vital fact, I am now experimenting with other systems. Reinstating my morning ritual, Bullet journaling for organizing my thoughts, CRM for client management interactions and others. I'm excited to see what these new habits will bring.

What systems do you have that make your life easier? Or is there any place you think you could add a system so that things can flow a bit easier? Feel free to share in the comments, I would love to read them :)

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