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Turning bad into good

The other day I got the rare opportunity to cuddle with my daughter. My 4 year old hates cuddling! And I, on the contrary, adore cuddling her (haha), so in those special instances when I am able to do so, I really REALLY appreciate it.

Now, this happened on the day we got back from our vacations, late at night, to find that our house was freezing cold. Our kettle had broken down while we were away, and it seemed to have been like that for days, because there was no difference between the temperature outside of our home and inside.

We were all tired, a bit cranky, my daughter was way past her bedtime. And so I put her to sleep in my bed, got under the covers with her and we pretended we were camping in the wilderness, watching the stars and cuddling. ☺️💖

There is always good in any bad situation. To find it we must create the habit of looking for it.

Let me invite you to look back on the last bad thing that happened to you, and find the good in it. What were you able to find? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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