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Re-create and make it your own

I watched Kung Fu Panda again the other day and, once again, I loved it! Po, the protagonist, is a pudgy Panda and an unlikely prophesied kung fu master. And that is exactly what he becomes, only that it isn't in the way that everyone expects, it's in a way that makes sense with who (and what) he is. I love this idea. So many times we hold ourselves back because we don't "fit" an imagined ideal: the ideal athlete, the ideal artist, the ideal mother, the ideal expert, etc, nevertheless we can turn this thought around by asking ourselves: "How can I achieve this "ideal" in a way that works with me?" "What would the artist with my special qualities look like?" "How would a mother that thinks like I do sort things out?" You bring unique traits to the table and anything you choose to be, will be a special version of that ideal. Step into that new identity knowing that you will make a new and never seen version of it.

Watch the video for a bit more of inspiration.

(*Note: by mistake I say "profitized" instead of "prophesied" ☺️... but I know that you know what I mean 😉)

Have you been holding yourself back because you do not fit an ideal? Can you re-imagine this ideal with yourself as the protagonist?

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