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A tip for the Introvert on speaking with others

First off, I am an introvert. And I have to say I am quite happy and proud of being one :) I have the impression that many people see being an introvert as a defect, but it isn't. Now, while being an introvert is great, being an introvert and having to speak to unknown people is not... at least in my case. The other day I was in a networking event and I was standing beside another, self-proclaimed, introvert and we had absolutely nothing to say to each other, so we just stood there, in silence, for a few minutes. 😂

Hence today I come with a tool for those who feel a bit awkward when speaking to others. In summary: bring gifts to those whom you are going to meet. What type of gifts? Your undivided attention, your smile, uplifting thoughts, compliments, etc. 😊🌟

Are you a proud introvert? Would you be willing to try out this tip, or have you already done so? Feel welcomed to share in the comments!

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