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Your friends are a source of power

Last week a friend from Spain came to Amsterdam for a business trip. It was a bit unexpected; she let me know just a few days before her arrival, and when we tried to find a moment to meet we could only make early morning on Saturday work.

I was so very tired when I woke up that day, and a trip to the airport in the cold weather was just the opposite of what I wanted to do. But (after stalling quite a while) I finally went, and I was amazed at how happy, energized and hopefull I felt after I spent time with my lovely friend. ☺️💖

We tend to forget how great we feel after meeting with people who are so supporting and loving towards us. Taking sometime to replenish ourselves by spending time with our dear friends is a form of helping ourselves feel more confident, healthier, and stronger.

Here I talk a little more about this and also tell jet another story where I forgot how replenishing meeting with friends actually is.

Have you made time for your friends lately? How do you feel when meeting with friends? Feel welcomed to share in the comments!

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