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Speed is a force!

Ideas appear in our mind all the time! Some are are good ideas, some aren't that great, and some are amazing! So when an idea comes to you, what do you do? How and when do you act upon it? Phil Stutz, co-author of the book "The Tools" and others, speaks about how "Speed is a Force", meaning that the faster we act upon a great idea, the more probable it is that we will make it come true. Or looked at it from another, if we ruminate on an idea, it loses it's power with each moment that passes.

I really appreciate this idea because I see many people around me use it intuitively. They have a good idea and in 1, 2, 3 it's ready to ship. Of course it will never come out perfect, but there is where we have to find a balance between bringing our creations into the world and striving por perfectionism.

Have you ever seen yourself working with the force of speed on an idea? Could this idea help you to with bring your projects to life? I would love to read your feedback in the comments!

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