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Discipline is key to achievement

I used to hate the word discipline. It conjured up memories of running laps in gym class and instantly made me feel boxed in. No way! I was never going to become a robot and strangle all the fun out of life! What a bore!

And then I finally got it. We build things bit by bit, and every little bit we put in requires discipline. Just like we must water a plant every few days so it may grow, we must do our part every day to make our relationships grow, our emotional life grow, our business... It is impossible to make a solo effort one day (no matter how big that effort is) and expect success. Success = Action + Discipline! But on top of that, discipline doesn't mean that we are condemned to becoming robots. On the contrary, being discipline opens up space for us to enjoy our free time, to be creative, and to choosing where it is we wish to put our effort and focus. So today I LOVE discipline, because discipline let's me become who I wish to be and achieve all what I wish to achieve.

How do feel in regards to discipline? Do you stuggle to become it's friend? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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