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Falling back in love with past creations

Has it ever happened that you create something that you absolutely love and after a while you begin to despise it? In my case it was always my job. I would work so hard to get that position, and after a few months I would start hating what was doing and start searching for something else. I had this "throw away and get something new" mentality. I would never think about going back and trying to reclaim that passion I initially had or rescue that what I initially loved about my job.

Nowadays I am convinced we can actually do this with our past creations and achievements. The key is to remember what we initially appreciated from them, and then taking small steps to add to our creation or remove the things that are not letting us see this anymore. It is true that sometimes things get so out of hand that there is no way of salvaging our bad job situation or relationship, but up until that point there are things we can do, if we commit to putting in the effort.

**Note: I apologise for this video's audio, I forgot to turn on my recorder so the sound comes from my camera and, as you will be able to tell, it isn't that great 😅 Learning by making mistakes, am I right?

Have you ever been able to reclaim lost love for one of your past creations? If not, do you feel that this is possible? What would be the first step you could take today to start falling back in love? Feel welcomed to share in the comments!

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