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Feeling broke? Social media may be to blame

written by fellow Canadian Shannon Lee Simmons, and I have been enjoying it greatly. The book is written in an easy and understandable way and in it the author explains why those of use who overspend tend to overspend, and also how to get our finances back on track if we find ourselves in this predicament. At the beginning of the second third of the book the author refers to a study that shows a correlation between overspending and high usage of social media. In other words, if we are easily sucked into our feed, we may also be easily racking up credit card debt, by purchasing things we cannot afford.

How to stop this?

The authors suggestion: doing a social media detox.

Do you find yourself with the urge to spend on things you cannot afford when you look at your social media feed? Do you feel that a social media detox is doable, and would help you out with this situation? Please feel welcomed to share your thoughts in the comments!

*Note: This is an affiliate link, nevertheless I only promote books that I have read and feel are useful to the women I serve.

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