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Wishing ourselves a happy Valentine's Day

I have a friend that, every Valentine's day, would end up in a fight with her boyfriend (now husband). He would never remember the flowers, or the chocolate or the reservation at that fancy restaurant that my friend had been wanting to go to for so long.

Now, even though it is true that a scatterbrain partner may be a slight let down, by no means should our better half be the ruin of Valentine's day! Although I am sure your partner loves you dearly, there is a person who is capable of loving you WAY more than anyone else, and would probably be joyful of celebrating with you today! 😊💖 Yes, you guessed it my dear, your own lovely self!

Today I invite you to appreciate yourself to the fullest and make this Valentine's day a day filled of self-love!

What are your plan's for celebrating your own incredible self today? Feel welcomed to share in the comments!

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