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Adding enthusiasm to things we do

Have you ever been kind of feeling down, maybe a bit gloomy, and then someone comes up to you a begins speaking passionately about what they are doing and you kind of get caught up in their enthusiasm? Isn't it wonderful when we get "infected" this way by other people's liveliness?

Enthusiasm is contagious. It lifts up our mood and also the disposition of others around us. We win by feeling uplifted by our own feelings but also by how others feel and react to our excitement.

Being enthusiastic about what is happening to us or feeling excitement for our day isn't something that can only occur spontaneously. We can consciously decide to bring more warmth and energy to our daily interactions, which is what I (very enthusiastically) invite you to do today.

Have you been able to see how your enthusiasm (or lack of enthusiasm) affects you and others? I would absolutely love to read about it in the comments if you feel like sharing!! ;)

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