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Time is running out!

I had lunch with a friend the other day and he was so worried about reaching 40. So much so that he said to me: "My time is running out! My best days are behind me!" I felt a bit sorry for him, but not because of his age (I passed that frontier some time ago already), but because something as inevitable as getting older was stressing him in such a profound way.

When we look back with nostalgia for all that was great before and look forward dreading all the faulty things that will come, we are falling into the idealizing trap. The past has it's good as well as it's bad, just like any time in our life. So instead of focusing on the great things of the past and rejecting the horrible things of the future why don't we switch it around and focus on the unimaginably amazing things that the future will bring us? 🥳

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