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This workshop was such a beautiful experience. One can see how much love Lara puts in every single detail and the passion she has about spreading the powerful tools that are taught in the workshop. I think everybody should know these tools so I would recommend this workshop to everyone. Lara, you create an intimate and judgment-free environment that allows for such a beautiful, deep and inspiring experience. Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom with the world!

Belen S.

Taking this course definitely changed the way I perceive everything that happens in my life. Learning how to address all the challenges that I am facing and how to craft my beliefs in order to create the life that I want, helped me to see and identify the possibilities or opportunities that cross through my life path.

Angela T

The Empowerment Workshop has given me the most beautiful view on empowerment. You don't need to fight for feeling empowered, you just need to search and find it inside of you! It comes from within you, only you have the power to change your life.

Andreia dos Santos

"Lara is kind, caring, respectful, gentle and firm. She takes care of every single woman in a group. One can really feel genuine love for her work. It was such a blessing participating in her workshop along with other amazing women. I can't express how grateful I am that I got to meet her and later participate in this fabulous workshop. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 I recommend this experience to everyone!.”

Barchi F.

"The Empowerment Workshop opened me up to the possibilities of living my life fully without past hang ups... The group dynamic made me feel safe and excited to share every little development along the way!”

Alicia M.

"This experience has helped me  open my eyes to understand and work on those notions about my life that were blocking my purpose and were hindering my process of adaptation to my new life as an expat. I loved it!!!.”

 Andrea D.

"This workshop, came to my life as a gift, at exactly the right time. I learned to look at my life with love, with other eyes, to see beyond the ordinary;  I learned to simply be myself, to highlight my passions and virtues and to forget my fears... fears that were never mine. It taught me that it is better to do than not do and that it is better to feel than just to think. Problems and obstacles do not exist, our minds create them, but they are necessary to understand that EVERYTHING is possible. "

Patricia I.

"I attended the workshop for the first time last year and was amazed how the use of a simple and powerful tool changed my life.
Now, I've taken the workshop once again because I want to continue learning about empowerment and continue to create the life I really want to live. "

Lili G.

"When I first heard about the Empowerment Workshop - The Art of Creating the Life that You Want, although I was immediately interested, I felt it was difficult for such a wide and complex subject to be tackled in such few days. However I was pleasantly surprised when I participated and discovered a concrete and easy tool to achieve this great goal.
I would definitely recommend this experience!"

Giannina F.



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