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A little smile goes a long way :D

Studies have been made that suggest that your body's movements can affect your mood, not just the other way around and so smiling may actually make you feel happier. **

You might want to try this exercise for yourself and see if it is true. If so, let me invite you to stretch the corner of your lips as much as you can towards your lips, and then open your eyes real wide :D

Yes, it feels silly at first, but please give me 20 seconds of your beautiful smile, will you?





Now, do you feel the tiniest bit happier? :)

Usually, in the workshops where I hold this exercise, almost everyone in the group feels a bit more happier. It is just the smallest little boost, but the great thing is that you can do this at any moment in the day, in any place, in almost any situation.

So why not try to create a habit of smiling, if it is good for us and also for others around us?

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