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Getting too old to find a fulfilling career

The other day a client said to me that she was worried because she had just turned 40 and she knew that each day it was getting harder and harder for her to find a fulfilling job.

I hear this all the time! The idea goes like this: "After a certain age you there is no possible way to create a fulfilling work life".

So my question to you is: this a fact or is this a belief?

Let's check. :) For it to be a fact it would have to affect everyone. So the first way I am going to invite you to defy this limiting belief is to look at the examples out there that show you this doesn't necessarily have to be true.

Like this one.

Or this one.

Or this one.

Luckily we have the internet and there can find many, many examples of women who have found success later in life. Hurray!

The second way of defying this belief is realizing that if you find or create a job that you love to do, you might want to do it for a long time... maybe even forever. 💪😊

Coco Chanel worked until the day she died, at 87 (she was actually worked on her spring collection the day before she passed away - and that day, her last workday, was a Sunday, no less).

And and if you begin at 40, working 47 years on something that makes you happy doesn't seem like you lost that much time, does it?

More thoughts on this here:

Do you feel age is limiting you to create what you want for yourself? Can you defy this thought by taking an action to create a job that you love? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments :)

later in life. Just like Coco Chanel.

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