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Honouring our own truth is key when choosing a system of personal growth

"Wake up at 5 am you will be able to finish all your tasks in the morning!"

"To be a respected woman professional you must LEAN IN!" "No sugar! No carbs! This is what healthy eating is!" 🙄

I'm sure there is some truth in these systems and tools, and surely they works for many people, but not necessarily for me. I am a zombie when I wake up early, and am so tired I'm forced to take a nap a mid day. I don't believe in leaning in, (in my humble opinion) being a professional women in a corporate setting is far more complex than that. And, I like pasta. There, I've said it. The ideas that we take in, the tools that we begin using, the systems that we experiment with, must always make sense with whom we are. If not, we are forcing ourselves to become something that will never be able to become, thus sabotaging our intent.

Are you honouring your own truth with the systems you are using? I would love to read about it! Please feel welcomed to share your thoughts in the comments!

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