Mommy has a beard? (Or how we may avoid misunderstandings)

February 19, 2019


The other day my daughter asked me if she could touch my beard.  I didn't think I had a beard but I immediately started questioning if I had to get some serious face waxing done.  My husband on the other hand, has an actual, full grown beard, so (trying to asses the level of my hairiness) I nervously asked my daughter "Who has a bigger beard, daddy or mommy?" and she replied "What??  Daddy doesn't have a beard!!"  🤔 "Hmmm..." I said to myself.

Misunderstandings happen all the time.  Some are simple and have no important consequences, while others are more serious and can affect us in a bigger way.  Knowing we can easily misinterpret what we are hearing, how can we make sure we avoid falling into this mishap?



Have you been able to steer clear of a misunderstanding by asking someone if your interpretation is correct?  Have you ever used the "Repeat back" tool and gotten a totally different and enlightening answer?  Feel welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments!



Misunderstandings happen all the time.  We 

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