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Break the cycle!

I have been watching the Netflix series Russian Doll (which I have absolutely loved and would totally recommend) and it has gotten me to think about how many times we repeat over and over again the same situations in our lives and do not realize that we are the ones who are creating our unfortunate cycle for ourselves.

I have a friend who always dates the same type of guy. They have a great relationship at first and then, after a few months, he disappears! Never to be seen again. After spending some time online, she realizes that he had a wife or another permanent partner and that he really wasn't that in to her in the first place.

I have another friend, he's always jumping from job to job. At first, all is wonderful - the company has great benefits and pay, and my friend is happy. Then, after about a year or so, the commute begins to be unbearable, no one appreciates what he is doing, he is passed up for a promotion and he gets so frustrated that he quits. (And, by the way, I was very much the same as this person, feeling like nobody every appreciated me in my corporate job).

Now, we can chalk this all up to bad luck - of course we can! But that will never change what is happening to us, and will never help us break the cycle. Today, I invite you to find a better way by stepping into your more Self-Responsible self.

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