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Celebrating milestones

Today I am happy to bring to you episode #50 of the Flourish Empowering Thought of the day. Hurray! It has been an amazing experience, from the actual decision of beginning with this project, to creating these videos, and all the mistakes in between! 👏😍🎉

As you might know, I am a strong proponent of celebrating our successes (for example, celebrating our Friday's) and since I am honouring this little milestone today, I also wanted to invite you to celebrate the milestones that you may have created lately and possible have overlooked. Appreciating our habits of creation and our achievements is an important part of our success. And, it is also a wonderful way to become even more inspired and motivated to continue on and on.... Who said episode #1000? 💪🤓🌟

Have a wonderful week!!

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