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"That opportunity is beneath me"

Specifically related to work, I have seen this limiting belief freeze many people in their tracks.

"I can't take that job! It pays so much less than my previous employment!"

"Who do they think they are?! I have so much more expertise than the position they are offering me."

"I can't go back to doing that! That would be such a big step backwards!"

Can being without a job be better than taking a job that pays less, or that requires less experience, or that we have done before? What happens to the other benefits that work brings us, such as making new connections, re-creating our work habits, getting up to date with the corporate environment, or building our self-confidence so we find the job we wish we really had?

Every opportunity can become a successful step to where we want to go. It just takes commitment and being open to the possible prosperity that our choice may bring us.

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