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"The Empowerment Workshop: The Art of Creating the Life You Want" is a 20 hour transformational program which helps you recognize your innate abilities to shape your life as you want. Step by step, we will guide you in exploring your potential, defining your dreams, and developing the skills and tools necessary to reach these dreams. You will learn to identify and respect your utmost desires and understand that not only are they a possibility but that you also have all the inner resources to make them true.

The workshop is based on the premise that our beliefs, and the actions that result from these beliefs, create the conditions of our life. And so, if we want to bring about changes in our life we need to change our beliefs. But for most of us, our beliefs are unconscious and the only way we learn about them is when they manifest in our life - often not to our liking. This training will help you gain deeper insight into your current beliefs and transform those that are not serving you, while at the same time helping you craft new beliefs based on how you wish your life to be. The result: a consciously created life that represents your deepest aspirations and fondest dreams.

Through various activities of self-reflection, meditation, art and movement, we will guide you in exploring seven key areas of life (Emotions, Relationships, Body, Sexuality, Work, Money, and Spirituality), identifying where you are at this moment, where you desire to be, and your next growth step on the path to achieving your dreams in each of these areas. You will activate internal processes that have long been neglected, and understand how to keep this drive alive and unwavering.

We invite you to re-discover your personal power - which causes you to feel alive and that defines the person that you are- and courageously use it at all times, so as to constantly live the life you want and deserve.


Over the past three decades the Empowerment Workshop has helped thousands of people worldwide create lives filled with hope, possibility, passion, prosperity, meaning, and contribution. This program was created by The Empowerment Institute, the world's preeminent consulting and training organization specializing in the practice of empowerment.

The workshop's instructor, Lara Manqui, has been certified by the Empowerment Institute as a Empowerment Coach and has 9 years experience holding this program.

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